About Tile Power Tamworth

Tile Power Tamworth is an independent, family owned and operated ceramic and porcelain tile retailer, located in the Tamworth region,  specialising in all stages of the tilling process – from selecting your desired tile right through to your finished renovation or rebuild. 

We are a part of a large, structured and licensed buying group – Tile Power Limited and are supported by 21 other showrooms located across NSW, ACT and VIC, linked together to offer our valued customers unrivalled ceramic tile designs, patterns and application accessories.

Tile Power Tamworth (a.k.a Peel Valley Tiles & Ceramics Pty Ltd) have been operating in and around the Tamworth area for over 30 years.

We share a passion and possess decades of industry experience to help you with every aspect of your tiling project. Our market leading range and collections of ceramic tiles are produced by highly distinguished manufacturers, supplying an outstanding, unrivalled and diverse range of floor tiles, wall tiles and accessories sourced from all around the world. Our local collection is sourced right here at home in Australia – always offering you new styles at enticing and competitive prices.

Tiles have come a long way since centuries ago where they were used exclusively in historical structures, landmarks, homes and castles of the royalty. The earliest form of tile was found in Egypt estimated to be from around the times of 4000 BC.

In modern times, the demand for tiles continues to grow in Australia. These days wall and floor tiles are used to make a statement and provide for a residential or commercial wall or flooring solution. In a more decorative setting, tiles are perfect to add murals and feature walls to any kitchen, bathroom, laundry, open plan living space, hallways, pool areas and patios; they are also ideal for commercial interiors such as reception areas and office areas in hotels, kitchens and the like.

Our incomparable range of wall and floor tiles cater for all residential and commercial spaces. With flexibility of choice in colour, size and texture as well as ensuring solid adhesion to a variety of surfaces, Tile Power Tamworth can further enhance your creativity for your planned project allowing you to experience your home or business space in a different light.

Change the look and feel of your house and transform it into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home that reflects your personality and style! Transform your floors and walls into a work of art, giving your rooms a whole new character.

Tile Power Tamworth conscientiously focuses on the past, present and future trends of floor and wall tiles, always aiming to offer you versatile and everlasting designs. We offer an outstanding selection of contemporary and traditional floor and wall ceramic tile patterns designed to complement current trends and influence your creative ideas for home improvement or commercial application.

The city of Tamworth is known as the 'first city of lights' being the first place in Australia to use electric street lights way back in 1888.

Tamworth can also pride itself on Tile Power Tamworth! ...the largest tilling retailer showroom in the North West, ensuring a huge stock backup is always readily available along with exquisite tile displays and arrangements including 10 fully tiled bathroom displays to help you along with the decision making process.

In addition to making the right overall aesthetic choice for your tiling project, it's also very important to take into consideration the durability of your chosen tiles. Ensuring your tiles can withstand the ever-changing climate and daily traffic will ensure your tile investment remains one that you are glad you made in years to come. Make sure your tiles are easy to maintain and will last the distance considering our restless domestic and commercial lifestyles before you make that important purchase. 

Tile Power Tamworth invites you to browse our diverse collection of more than 350 tiles designs, which include:

– Natural Stone Tiles 

– Mosaic Tiles

– Slate Tiles

– Travertine Tiles

– Resin Tiles

– Marble Tiles

– Split Face Mosaic Tiles

– Limestone Tiles

– Ceramic Tiles

– Terracotta tiles

...and more!

At Tile Power Tamworth, we also supply a large range of custom branded application tools and accessories including adhesive, grouts, trims and waterproofers to fix your tiles properly and with care to ensure a beautiful and perfect finish.

The staff at Tile Power Tamworth have a sound knowledge of the tilling process, we have eliminated the painful process of DIY problem-solving that can arise along the way – give us a call and we will steer you in the right direction!

Tile Power Tamworth offer a full supply and fix service for all renovation needs to all of our valued customers, from residential plans to commercial builders and interior designers.

Regardless of how sizeable, small-scale or complex your project is the Tile Power Tamworth team are here to assist you along every step of the way to achieving a professional, finished tiling project that you will be proud of.